77 success hedge robot sell en

77 Happy Hedge Robot Sale Success

Hedge Robot happy 1. V072 ubgrade s 14 dec. 21

77 Happy Hedge Robot Sale Success

This on demand special vip hedge robots open trade buy/sell on some over price

4 specific method selected by user.

Profit is make as different 1 and 2 trade.

At live test I exemple take profit on GBP/JPY 3 days from 5, and about 5 trades buy/sell closed in profit.

Here is many imputs example daily,weekly,monthl limits

many methots close trade.

Is too possilble part profit ´´save´´ under virtual stops

This robot do 20 coders 3 month



-4 input methods 4 output methods, stop in GBP
inputs ie 8 combinations and outputs zatail tested 1 combination of methods
robot made hedge input and output, set profit and took profits with 2
positions of tested hedge trades

1.   Adjustable stop in GBP In 1 version
2. trade statistics: on the day of the week of the year for the given product

3. Robot statuses on the chart: what the robot does in real time  – within hedge trading

 4. functional what profit is open, on the day and with 1 trade
5. enabled or disabled functionalities of input and output types displayed in real time on the chart

ie. A, BC functionality status on the chart

6. Adjustable trade amount eg 0.01

7. for almost every input / output it is possible to enter a timeframe from 1 min to a monthly chart type with many custom options, which is a 9x5x5 option combination input output

therefore, you can also trade on robot timeframes and higher ones when you are in combination with you and the like.

-Advanced settings according to taste and type of trader, scalper, daily, weekly, etc.

8. In the second position from the hedge pair, you can simply enter that, for example, stop 2 hey should be 60% of the value of the first such profit you took

9. save profiit module which hides part of the profit in the „virtual vault“ by moving the track to the profit

10. combination of real stop + virtual stop simultaneously

11 Pause trade user pause

 12 Mobile, open store, and order info alerts

13. Mod robot send a message to a cell phone, signal, trade progress or mod or trade opening 

14. for 1 type of input, displays the price on the graph band from to which the robot is waiting 

15. Possibility to set user tolerance of input + – in Gbp from the input price you can have more inputs

16 for all input methods the robot displays statuses in the graph e.g.

A1 A2 Akvitve, A2 WAITING FOR ENTRY PRICE, B2 B2, C1, C2 D1 D2

You can see the 17-day limit for a specific graph in Gbp on a graph that is easily adjustable in the robot

  • results this week until 17.8.21 18 trades buy and sell all in profit live.
  • Version 1.7 also includes these new features

18. close 2nd position on a specific date time..ak…
Trader Robo Corporation: check profit Time label in Ea
How this works please?

adjustable in check profit Time label in Ea
if the price of 2 trades did not reach the entry price to the trade by the selected date and time
then close this 2 position with the current gain, if the profit at the given date and time
or close the position at a loss, in GBP to – gbp the amount which is given as the maximum loss in the robot

19 Maximum spread in GBP, AK 0 off
if extreman calls volatility and inputs high
you have it limited and otherwise a valid signal will not open
and later when the market calms down and enters the full set
you are going to re-enter the market opportunities more advantageous

20. time pause of the robot in the time of the metatrader from to
time in the meta you will find in market monitoring Market warch
What is good for?

-Does not open, for example, 15 minutes after messages and 15 after if you define it in time


21. Adjustable limits

in addition to the daily added Weekly and monthly limit, for 1 graph or in total
if the achieved pauyne is either a given graph or the whole robot for
a given period, ie week or month. Basically every function goes off but I recommend setting it.

22 .statuses about the limit writes in real time on the chart Paused by advanced managent Weekly limit, monthly limit

V) most beginners fail at the limits, here the robot monitors your limits

23. limit for a week applied to 1 chart

24 limit per week to apply to all charts the entire account

25 limit per month applied to 1 chart

26 limit per month to apply to all charts the entire account

27. automatic stop and take profit in the mode
when you took the 1st position by hand.
as soon as you take it, the robot will set everything for you in the 2nd position
according to your pre-setting in the robot

e.g. fixed stop –
or virtual stop
– or their combination


Hedge 77Happy Robot

Hedge Robot happy 1.2

Preview from the video about the hedge robot, already functional 1.2 version 17.11.21

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