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Forex CFD Commodity Robot on System 3 (89% Success) Action

2 robots in one

1 sends signals to the mobile phone, select Send Signal or

2 Open trade opens to give you a preset stop and take profit in GBP

Forex Robot Commodity System 3 (89% Success)

+ Strategy Created for 20 years
+ Manual version on videos 2 videos for the system, gives inputs but also has output lines
+ automatic input

+ automatic output

+ setting how many positions open to signal 1-12

+ setting how many quantities to open in 1 position e.g. 0.01, 0.1 1.0, etc.

+ STOP LOSS machine – you set what stop loss In GBP currency e.g. 3 GBP STOP calculates and places a stop loss. automatically to -3 GBP

+ function pause / restart the robot – if messages go, etc.

+ You run it on the products you want

+ The robot runs by default on a standard metadrader for windows 10 on a laptop or PC

+ If the robot has opened a shop for you and you are e.g. even on mobile, you can modify some with position, take a profit on some sooner and so on.

+ under normal circumstances it will no longer happen to you that you will miss the store because you have just been at work or outside.

+ show status robot active, inactive, pause, pause for daily limit
+ for all products

+ Automatic break if it reaches your daily limit
+ a total development investment of GBP 200,000 over 20 years
+ traded manually, the best. You will get the results as follows

+ Robot status:

1. active 2. inactive 3. pause paused by the user 4. Pause daily limit – daily limit for the product.

+ Separate statistics for each product, ie daily profit, weekly, monthly Thursday, year

+ you set which stop in GBP and how many positions and the robot will open only as many as you have a limit on the given chart / product

+ 2 output options according to the emo, or according to the profit you determine

+ when selecting an output in currency, the robot calculates the profit and stop loss in Gbp and places it according to the selected one

Example you have a set daily limit of 20 GBP for eur usd and 0.01 lot quantity, output method currency, track size 2 GBP if you enter 10 positions open and stop you have 2 GBP the robot will open 10 positions


+ there are 2 videos for the system, one from 2007 and a new one from 2020

Added 28.8.21

+ 2 more videos as you throw it + 1 video about testing TOTAL 5 videos about the system + documents

+ version 1.4 released added 27.8 

+ closes all open trades and the daily limit for the given product on chart 2 setting variants

No. 1 A – to the exact limit or

No. 2 tracks you set in GBP (CURRENCY) to the last trades at the daily limit

end added 27.8.21

+ product is a strategy transformed into an expert automatic robot software

+ documents, + possible mp3 recordings of questions from students who bought and used it

+ You will be transferred to a Windows PC / NOTEBOOK according to the video instructions

+ Optional or automatic store opening signal sending mode 

+ It is better to be able to trade manually, e.g. at least after advanced level if you do not know we recommend robot + YOU complement each other

I also recommend buying an advanced course with mentor Trader Rob. 20 years of practice

to the line below

(Please recommend no more than £ 15 / week for every £ 1000 you have) A robot is a trading tool that you use at your own risk, just like me and every trader.

+2 videos to the system

+ 1 video how to test on a metatrader tester

-For metatrader4

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Robot happy system3 opens a position on system 3 and closes it automatically has a daily limit after which the product is set, how many lots and how many pieces can be set. user paused daily limit.

Other features like robot status statistics and others see the video. It is recommended to test at least a few hours on the demo before live. For one product, you can also open, for example, 3 charts with a separate limit and other track settings and find out in the week which tracks are optimal for a given product and the same with tp in GBP. The next week, you can trade the settings and products that generated 80% of your profits.

Each robot works under standard market conditions, ie if there is no extreme fluctuation of, for example, gold and by 250 points or there is no increased quality. during extremes and high volatility and during large fluctuations, higher traces or pause function are more appropriate. You should also pause the robot manually 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the red messages.

If you think it will be e.g. tunnel and you go away and under you you can „drop“ the robot if it opens and you are outside so you can take something, for example, via mobile phone or edit some tp and under

The ideal combination of robot + human robot is good in following the rules and so you do not miss trade entry and podone.Vie also take 2 methods. May good luck help.

Disclaimer: -We are not financial advisors and not financial advice is given to any individual trader.
All trades and Forex signals are to be placed at your own discretion and placed at/on your own individual risk.
All Forex signals/robots are to be used for educational purposes.

This Forex signal subscription serviceor signal provided by our robot or over telegram or others apps is neither a solicitation nor any offer to Buy/Sell stocks, shares futures.other contracts or Forex Currencies.
When robot is in mode open trade this is only for for educational purposes on demo account test on own risk.



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